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 The rules of the forum.

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The rules of the forum. Empty
PostSubject: The rules of the forum.   The rules of the forum. EmptyFri Jun 22, 2012 3:46 pm

Here are the rules of the forum!
No spamming

Please don't spam, I really want this forum spam free. If I do see someone spam, you will receive huge consequences.
No cursing

Please don't curse or swear in any way, this may be the WitchMe Group forum, but I will not allow such words, there may be kids you just never know.

I will allow advertising, but don't advertise your forum, blog, YouTube account, etc. This is why we have signatures for. I will only allow advertising that has anything to do with WitchMe or Facebook. Advertising Twitter or Tumblr accounts are fine.
No one-word posts

Pleas don't post one-word posts, for example.
User One: hi
User two: hello
This will not be acceptable.
No double posting[/center
Please don't double post, for example.
User One: Hi everyone!! :D
User One: It's nice to meet you all.
This is also result of spam.
Personal information

Posting a picture of yourself is fine, but please don't post your address, state, phone number etc. I want you guys safe. You wouldn't want some pedo like stranger at your house, now would you?
Back-seat moderating

Please don't Back-seat moderate, that's why we have moderators, if you don't know what I'm talking about, here's an example.
User One: lolololol hi guys I'm new here!!!!
User Two: Please don't go off-topic read the rules or ill ban you!!!


Chatbox Moderators


Thanks for reading the rules!
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The rules of the forum.
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